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THERE WAS A TIME when I wanted to be a fireman -- but not really.

I was six years old and on the set of an afternoon kids show. The program was locally produced and hosted by Kathy, the weather girl on the Channel 7 five o'clock news. Kathy's Funhouse 7, the show was called, and each day at 3:00, a dozen boys and girls would sit to either side of a large TV set and watch cartoons.

Between the cartoons, Kathy would ask the kids questions like, "What's your favorite ice cream," or, "Who do you like better, Popeye or Bugs Bunny." When I visited the set, the question was, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

I didn't know -- I was in first grade!

A few children said they wanted to be an astronaut. The boy immediately before me said "Fireman." Kathy held the microphone steady as she waited for my reply.

Astronaut seemed like a really good response, but at that point there were too many astronauts. My dad was in the Navy, but I couldn't think of what you called people in the Navy. My mind was racing too quickly to catch hold of any grown-up occupation, rending it a big, blurred blank. "Uh, fireman," I said. Choke.

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